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KSFE Pravasi Chitty: Everything NRKs Need in a Chitty

We, then at KSFE Attingal Evening Branch, started this blog in 2009. The one question we have been receiving for all these years is this (...

Friday, November 3, 2017

KSFE Pravasi Chitty: A Quick Guide

  • What is KSFE Pravasi Chitty?

It is a brand new initiative by KSFE and the Government of Kerala. It is conducted almost entirely online. One can join chitties online, remit monthly installments online and participate in auction online. All these can be done either through a website or through a mobile app.

  • What is special about it?

It is indeed special. The money gathered by installment remittance is converted into Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) bonds, which fund various developmental works across the state. In other words, Pravasis can fund Kerala's infrastructure development simply by joining a chitty scheme, which provides them with handsome returns in the form of dividend. (Click here to learn how chitties offer dividend).

  • Okay. What are the development work KIIFB funds?

Well, there are a lot. The prime projects are coastal highway and hill highway. There will be at least two road-building or -renovating schemes in every assembly constituency. Infrastructure facilities of one chosen school in each assembly constituency will be improved with funds from KIIFB. There are a number of other development works too. The motto is this: Join KSFE Pravasi Chitty, see developments in your home town when you return.

  • Sounds good. But KSFE Pravasi Chitty is same as normal KSFE Chitty, right?

The basics are same -- like how you calculate dividend, monthly auctions, all remain the same. But there are some benefits offered for KSFE Pravasi Chitties that are not offered for traditional KSFE chitties.

1. A pension plan, which a subscriber can opt by depositing the prize money of the chitty into a pension fund. This is offered in association with LIC.

2. Insurance coverage: Every subscriber will be eligible for insurance coverage. If unfortunately a subscriber of KSFE Pravasi Chitty dies or suffers permanent disability, the remaining installments of his or her chitty will be remitted by the company. This is applicable for both prized and non-prized chitties.

  • Fine. What about payment, KSFE's notorious bottleneck? Is it also online for Pravasi Chitty schemes?

Payment request and payment money transfer are online. The money will be transferred to the NRO account or ordinary SB accounts (not to NRI accounts). But the security registration and processing is done at individual branches manually. 

But don't worry. There is an online mechanism through which the subscriber can monitor the progress of file processing and security registration. This can also be accessed through the website or app. We assure you there would not be any bottlenecks.

  • Hmm. How to join KSFE Pravasi Chitties?

The website and app for KSFE Pravasi Chitty will be launched in December. Watch this space regularly. In case of any doubts or clarifications, leave a comment here or call 04712737888  to learn more. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

KSFE Pravasi Chitty: Everything NRKs Need in a Chitty

We, then at KSFE Attingal Evening Branch, started this blog in 2009. The one question we have been receiving for all these years is this (or its many other variants):

When is KSFE going to start a chitty that can be operated fully online?

Usually we go silent when confronted with this question - or provide some feeble excuses. But that is no more the case.

KSFE's online chitty scheme that Pravasis have been looking for is here. Just one more month remains for its lauch.

You can start chitties online, remit monthly installments online, and even participate in auction online.

We know it is a bit late in coming. Still, we at KSFE are justifiably proud and happy about its imminent introduction. We welcome you all to the new chits. 

It will be inaugurated by Kerala Chief Minister Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan next month.

Salient features

Operate through website or mobile app
  • Join chitties through website or mobile app
  • Remit installments with debit cards or internet banking through payment gateways
  • Participate in chitty auction at a scheduled time through website or mobile app.

Provide fund for Kerala's development

  • Unlike traditional KSFE chitties, the monthly installments subscribers remit for KSFE Pravais chitties go directly to Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (or KIIFB). KIIFB finances development projects in Kerala, such as construction and renovation of roads and bridges and building better facilities at schools and colleges. For a list of KIIFB schemes in various parts of Kerala, visit here. In other words, you can engage in visible and measurable social service, simply by joining chitties. 

Avail Pension Plan

  • KSFE Pravasi Chitty scheme offers a unique pension plan for Pravasis in association with LIC. Subscribers can put the prize money of Pravasi Chitty as pension fund deposit in LIC and specify an age after which they need to get monthly pension. The same pension fund deposit can be treated as security for the chitty (that is, no additional security is required). All one has to do is to complete the chitty installments. When they reach the specified age, they will start getting the monthly pension. The scheme can be opted in such a way that the spouse will get monthly pension after the demise of the subscriber and the nominee will get the lumpsum amount remaining in the pension fund after the demise of both subscriber and spouse. 

Get Insurance Coverage

  • Another salient feature of KSFE Pravasi Chitty scheme is insurance coverage. If unfortunately the subscriber dies or suffers permanent disability, the company will remit the subscriber's remaining installments regardless of whether the subscriber availed the prize money or not. If the subscriber has not availed the prize money, it will be given to the nominee. In the event of death, the company will bear the airfare of bringing the dead body to the native place, including the airfare for the accompanying person. 
This is going to be a historic chitty scheme for Kerala's development and NRK's financial needs. 

The website and app for KSFE Pravasi Chitty will be launched in December. If you have any queries or doubts, please call to the Help Desk of KSFE Pravasi Chitties @ 04712737888.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ponnona Chitty Scheme with KSFE Chitties

Ponnona Chitty Scheme is going in full swing KSFE. The following chits are open now:

  • Rs. 100000 x 30 months - 30 lakhs
  • Rs. 50000 x 40 months - Rs. 20 lakhs
  • Rs. 10000 x 100 months - Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Rs. 10000 x 50 months - Rs. 5 lakhs
  • Rs. 5000 x 40 months - Rs. 2 lakhs

As usual, we have an array of prizes in store for you as part of KSFE Ponnona Chitty Scheme.

Each and every susbsciber who joins in KSFE Ponnona Chitty scheme will get an umbrealla. It is an assured gift.

Call now 9846693183 to join or to learn more about KSFE Chitties and KSFE Ponnona Chitty Scheme.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A new leaf in KSFE chitty scheme: Ponnona Chittikal 2016

It is now well-known among KSFE chitty customers that we launch two new schemes every year. The first scheme of the year, named Ponnona Chittikal 2016, is launched today. Finance Minister of Kerala, Dr. TM Thomas Isaac inaugurates the scheme formally today at 4 PM at VJT Hall, Thiruvananthapuram.

Ponnona Chittikal 2016 brings with it a rain of prizes. The prizing scheme intends to provide some kind of prizes to maximum number of subscribers. It keeps KSFE's motto of giving back part of the profit from KSFE chitties to our esteemed customers.

The prizes

  • First prize: 10 Sovereigns of gold - for 11 persons

  • Second prize:Half  Sovereigns of gold (4 grams) - one for each branch

  • Third prize: 1 gram gold coins - one prize for each chitty

There are special loan packages and insurance coverage exclusively for Ponnona Chittikal. 2016. We welcome you to your nearest branch of KSFE this Onam. We shall progress to prosperity together. For more information about KSFE chitties and Ponnona Chitty scheme, contact 9446002081 or send a mail to joinksfe@gmail.com

Monday, August 17, 2015

Celebrate Onam with KSFE Bhagya Varsha Chittikal 2015

The wait is over. Onam is here. So is KSFE Bhagya Varsha Chittkal 2015.

Finance Minister of Kerala Sri. K. M. Mani will lauch the Bhagyavarsha Chittikal 2015 at function at Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram today. He will also distributed the lucky draw prizes of KSFE Bhagya Sreyas Chittikal 2014as well.

The new scheme offers fabulous prizes as usual. There are gold sovereigns  to be won; Royal Enfield Bullet Motor cycles to be had; and exclusively for our lady customers we have a special offer: Honda Dio Scooter.

Prize details of KSFE Bhagya Varsha Chittkal 2015

  • First prize:  5O sovereigns of gold or equal amount (one prize at state level)
  • Second prize: Royal Enfield Bullet Motor cycles 350 classic or equal amount (38 prizes state-wide; six for Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Third prize: one gram of gold (24 carat) for one subscriber in
    each chitty (at branch level)
  • Special prize: Honda Dio Scooter or equal amount (one for each region).

     Newly starting Bhagyavarsha chitty schemes in Attingal
  • Rs. 1 lakh x 30 months- Rs. 30 lakhs
  • Rs. 50000 x 30 months- Rs. 15 lakhs
  • Rs. 25000 x 40 months- Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Rs. 10000 x 50 months- Rs. 5 lakhs
  • Rs. 10000 x 100 months- Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Rs. 5000 x 40 months- Rs. 2 lakhs
  • Rs. 2500 x 40 months- Rs. 1 lakh
  • Rs. 4000 x 30 months - Rs. 1.2 lakhs
 Celebrate Onam with KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chittikal 2015.

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Onam and beyond!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

KSFE Bhagya Sreyas Chitty Scheme Starts on December 15

KSFE is all set to launch its Christmas/New Year offer. Bhagya Sreyas Chitty Scheme begins on December 15. The offer will be open for a two-month period. Kerala finance minister Sri. K.M. Mani will officially inaugurate the scheme at a function in Mascot Hotel, Thiruvananthapuram, on December 15.

 KSFE's Bhagya Sreyas Chittikal-2014 has the following prizes.

  • First prize: Maruti Swift Dzire car (for one person from the entire state)
  • Second prize: Maruti Celerio car (for seven persons - one from each region)
  • Third prize: one gram gold coin (for a subscriber in each chitty registered during the Bhagya Sreyas offer period).

We, at Attingal Evening Branch of KSFE, starts the following chits as Bhagya Sreyas Chittikal 2014:

  • Rs. 25000 x 40 months - Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Rs. 10000 x 30 months - Rs. 3 lakhs
  • Rs. 5000 x 40 months - Rs. 2 lakhs
  • Rs. 2500 x 40 months - Rs. 1 lakhs
  • Rs. 4000 x 30 months - Rs.. 1.2 lakhs

We welcome all our long-serving customers and new ones to join KSFE  Bhagya Sreyas Chitty scheme.

Monday, August 18, 2014

KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty 2014 starts today

With great pleasure, we are announcing the launching of KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty Scheme 2014. The previous Bhagyavarsha chitty schemes showered gold; but this scheme showers cars. The first prize is a Honda City car and the second prize is  Hyunddai i10 car. The third prize is gold - 1 gram gold coins.

The brand new KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty scheme starts today. It will conclude on October 31. All the chitties started in this period, starting from Rs. 1000 per month , will come under this scheme.

The following are the salient features of KSFE Bhagyavarsha scheme:

  • First prize: Honda City car (or Rs. 10 lacs) for one person (will be selected through a state-wide draw).

  • Second prize: Hyundai i10 car (or Rs. 5 lacs) for seven person - one for each region of KSFE (will be selected through a state-wide draw).
  • Third prize: One gram gold coins for one subscriber in each Bhagyavarsha chitty (will be selected through a draw at the branch where the chitty starts on the date of commencement of chitty).
Other benefits include special loan package for non-prized subscribers and insurance waiver scheme. for prized subscribers.

We are starting the following Bhagyavarsha chitties:

Rs. 50000 x 30 months - Rs. 15 lacs
Rs. 10000 x 100 months - Rs. 10 lacs
Rs. 10000 x 30 months - Rs. 3 lacs
Rs. 5000 x 40 months - Rs. 2 lacs 
Rs. 2500 x 40 months - Rs. 1 lacs
Rs. 1000 x 50 months - Rs. 50000.

We expect the whole hearted  co-operation of you all.