Thursday, June 27, 2019

How to Register for KSFE Pravasi Chitty Through Mobile App

You have two ways to register for KSFE Pravasi Chitty. The first is through our web application. The second is through our mobile app. Our mobile app is available in both iOS and Android platforms. It is easy and hassle free. Here is how you can register for KSFE Pravasi Chitty. 

Stage 1: Verifying mobile number

1. Download/Update 'KSFE Pravasichit' Mobile application from Google Playstore or Apple Store.
2. Press 'New user' for registration.
3. Enter Name (same as in Passport) and Email ID. Press Next.
4. Enter Mobile number after choosing the ISD code.
5. Enter the received OTP and press Verify OTP. When successful, 'Verified successfully' message will appear.
6. Enter passport number, Passport expiry date, Residing country, National ID.

Stage 2: Registration

If you already registered in NORKA, press 'Yes' under 'Do you have a NORKA ID', otherwise press No.
If you press Yes, enter your NORKA ID. If you don’t remember the ID, Press 'Forgot NORKA ID' for fetching the NORKA ID automatically. Press Verify with NORKA.
If you press NO, a Message will appear "Do you want to share your data with NORKA?” Press Yes for continuing registration. [If you press NO, the registration process will stop].
If successful, a “Verified successfully” message will appear.
Provide username of your choice, press Next.
Press Register. A message will appear: 'I agree to receive communications through mail/sms/whatsapp.” Tick the check box.

Registration is completed. You will get a verification email in the registered email id. Press on the link 'Click here' provided in that mail for verification. Once you click that link, you will get an email with user name and password. You can use this to sign in through the login page.

Stage 3: Verification

Login to mobile app using the username and password received.

Change your password screen appears. Enter old password. Enter new password and Confirm password. Press Change password. If successful, a 'Password changed successfully' will appear.

Stage 4: KYC registration

Return to login page. Login using the new password

Press on 'Complete your profile'.

First enter Personal details. Then enter Address details. You may enter your Bank details. But it is not mandatory. If successful, complete your Profile turns to green.

Press Confirm Your Profile. First Personal details appear for confirmation. Check and press Next. The Address details appear. Check and press Confirm. If successful, a message ‘Profile confirmed successfully' will come and 'Confirm your profile' turns green.Next step is KYC verification. Two types of KYC verification are available. 1. Direct KYC with e-KYC and 2. Direct KYC without e-KYC. Try e-KYC if your Aadhar is linked with mobile number and the mobile phone is with you. Otherwise, opt for Direct KYC without e-KYC.

For both KYC types, upload the following mandatory documents: 1. passport (front page and last page), 2. visa, 3. Emirates ID and 4. photo. You can take photo of the documents using the mobile camera or you can select from an existing image from the phone gallery. KSFE staff will scrutinize the uploaded documents and approve the same if everything is fine.

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