Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enrollment Started for Suvarna Sreyas Chitty 2011

Enrollment has started for the new KSFE chitty scheme - Suvarna Sreyas Chittikal 2011. We are starting the following chitties as part of the scheme:

Rs. 25000 x 40 months - Rs. 10 lakhs
Rs. 5000 x 40 months - Rs. 2 lakhs
Rs. 2500 x 40 months - Rs. 1 lakh
Rs. 4000 x 25 months - Rs. 1 lakh


The KSFE Suvarna Sreyas scheme offers the following benefits:

First prize: 25 Sovereigns of gold for one person [or Rs. 5.5 lakh cash (whichever less)]

Second prize: 10 Sovereigns of gold for seven persons each, one from each region [or Rs. 2.2 lakh cash (whichever less)]

Other prizes: One 1-gram gold coin for each chitty with number of subscribers less than 40; two 1-gram gold coins for each chitty with number of subscribers greater than 40 and less than 60; three 1-gram gold coins for each chitty with number of subscribers greater than 60.

Special offers

1. Special car loan facility
2. Special chitty loan facility
3. Liability waiver of up to a liability of 2 lakhs on accidental death

These are value-adding offers. The most important and permanent benefits of KSFE chitties are good returns for your money and security for your savings. You are unlikely to get this combination in other investment options.

Stop postponing it. Let the New Year start fresh investment habits in you. Contact us at or or call us at 9446002081 for more details about KSFE Suvarna Sreyas Chittikal 2011.

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