Tuesday, July 31, 2012

KSFE Launches Onam Special Chitty Scheme: Bhagya Varsha Chittikal

KSFE is all set to offer a brand new chitty scheme for this Onam: Bhagya Varsha Chittikal. The special kicks off on the 2nd of August and culminates on 20th October 2012. As usual with KSFE schemes, this special chitty campaign too offers fabulous prizes.

  •          First prize is 15 sovereigns of gold for one person (or 3.3 lakhs).
  •         Second prize is five sovereigns of gold for seven persons (or 1.1 lakhs each).
  •          Third prize is one gram gold coins for one person from each chitty.

The prizes do not stop with this. All the subscribers of Bhagya Varsga scheme will get a lottery ticket of the state government’s Karunya lottery. If you join a chitty with a monthly subscription of Rs. 5000/- or less, you will get one ticket, for chitties with a monthly subscription of Rs.10000, you will get two tickets, five tickets for chitties with a monthly subscription of Rs. 25000/-, ten tickets for Rs. 50000/-, and so on. 

If you are lucky enough, you will get a fortune – in addition to the guaranteed usual benefits of KSFE chitties.

Other offers

KSFE provides some special offers as part of Bhagya Varsha Chittikal as well.

Chitty loan scheme: Subscribers who join chitty scheme are eligible for a loan of up to 70% of total chitty amount. For normal chitties, subscribers are eligible for only 50% of total chitty amount.
Car loan scheme: Subscribers of Bhagya Varsha Chittikal are eligible for a special car loan scheme too. A loan of up to 85% of the vehicle cost or 50% of total chitty amount (whichever is less) shall be provided. Rate of interest for prompt subscribers for this loan is 14% (diminishing).
Liability waiver: In the unfortunate event of the death of a subscriber, KSFE shall write off the liability of the subscriber, subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 2 lakhs.

This is the sixth straight year that KSFE is launching a special offer during Onam. For our customers, our schemes have become something like a part of Onam festivities and gifts. If you have not yet become a subscriber of KSFE chits in Attingal Evening branch or any other branch, there is no better time than now. 

Celebrate Onam and ensure the secure future of you and your family with KSFE Bhagya Varsha Chittikal. We are waiting to hear from you. Call 9446002081 or send mail to joinksfe@gmail.com.


  1. hello i am Ratheesh i am from edapal malapurum district i want to know about the car loan scheme because i am planning to buy a car as soon as possible pls reply me my mob number9895133403

  2. Rathu

    Please contact the manager of KSFE, Edappal:

    PIN - 679 576.Phone : (0494) 2680440
    Mob: 9447797080
    E-mail : 80@ksfe.com

  3. Hai,

    Recently i had Joined Bhagya Varsha Chitti,But not yet any Lottery Ticket receved.I Had joined thru KSFE agent.When the Ticket will receive?

  4. Justin, kindly contact the manager of the branch. We do not give lottery tickets to the customers, irrespective of whether they joined directly or through an agent. We buy the lottery tickets and allot a number to each customer. This is done before the date of draw of the tickets and we inform each person through telephone or through a letter his/her number before the draw.

    For the subscribers of chitties started in the second half of August, we purchase the Karunya lottery tickets of next draw only.

    Please do check with the manager of the branch in which you have joined.

  5. HelLow....its arjun here I would like to to know about your branch in vadanapally in trichur district....

  6. HelLow....its arjun here I would like to to know about your branch in vadanapally in trichur district....


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