Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two New KSFE Chitties - Bhagya Varsha Scheme

We are launching two new chitties in Bhagya Varsha scheme at Attingal Main branch:

Rs. 50000 x 30 - Rs. 15 lakhs
Rs. 20000 x 100 - 20 lakhs

Both these chitties are good for those who look for availing a large amount for, for instance, building a house or buying property. But each of these chitties is different from the other.

Rs. 50000 x 30

The first installment will be Rs. 50000/-. From the second month onwards the installment amount ranges from Rs. 37500/- to Rs. 50000/-. Normally it starts from Rs. 37500/-, then gradually increases as installment progresses.

The prize money can vary from Rs. 10.5 lakhs to Rs. 14.25 lakhs. Winner is determined by draw of lots or bidding. If there are two or more people willing to get Rs. 10.5 lakhs, it will be draw of lots. Otherwise, it will be bidding.

If you can wait for four or five months, you can avail an amount about 12 lakhs to 13 lakhs. The chitty will be over by two and a half years. The total installment amounts a subscriber needs to remit will vary between 13.5 lakhs and 14.25 lakhs, depending on the bidding trend.

We have a few tickets remaining for this chitty. Chitty registration is scheduled at 9-11-2012. Please contact us @ (0)9446002081 ASAP if you wish to join.

Rs. 20000 x 100

This chitty is for those who look for more dividend. This is a long-term chitty that gives excellent dividend. The first installment amount is Rs. 20000/-. From the second installment to about 40 installments, the due amount will be Rs. 15000. During this period the winner will get a prize money amount of Rs. 7 lakhs. If you can wait further, you can get an amount of between Rs. 14 lakhs and 19 lakhs.

The total installment amount you need to remit over 100 months will be between Rs. 15 lakhs to Rs. 16 lakhs. This pattern is best suited for those who plan to avail housing loans or looking to invest in mutual funds that promise large dividends. The dividend in this chitty is guaranteed. There is absolutely no risk factors.

We have some more tickets vacant in this chitty. Registration on 9-11-2012. Call (0)9446002081 for joining.

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  1. Thank you very much! That's the nicest comment we received so far.

    Actually your blog is the reason for creating our blog and the best reference for designing it. As they say "Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself.". You are our Guru. With years of posts, yours is still the best blog for knowing KSFE chits & schemes.

    KSFE Vellarada Branch


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