Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KSFE to introduce online payment for chitties

Ever since we started this blog, we have been flooded with enquiries regarding online payment option for KSFE chitties. A majority of the enquiries were from non-resident keralities, particularly regarding pravasi bandhu chitty schemes of KSFE.

We can provide a positive news about online payment option for KSFE chitty schemes now. Our chairman, Sri. P.T. Jose, has announced that the online transfer facility would be introduced shortly. He was talking at the inaugural function of KSFE Bhagyavarsha chitty scheme at Kottayam.

We have been making necessary arrangements in our software to facilitate direct online payment to KSFE chitty scheme.At the beginning, the facility will be through selected banks. We can all expect the official announcement of this happy news soon.

Postscript (dated 24-8-2016)

Good news: Our online transfer facility has started. Contact the branch for more details. Call 9446002081 or send mail to for learning more.


  1. good news,it will be better when you opening a branch in newdelhi

  2. There are a lot of malayalees in Vapi & Silvasaa area in Gujarat. It will be helpful those people who want to join KSFE chitty.So do the arrangement this locality so fast

  3. Start new short term chitty like Rs 4000x 25 months or Rs. 5000x12 months which will be very helpful for thousands people

  4. It is very useful, when you opening please infrom us

  5. Promises were made in the month of august to have online payment.Does it take these many months to make the software changes.i wonder whether this will take place even.

  6. please make it fast still we were waiting for the online payment

  7. Truly.. it will be a good service to us from the officials of ksfe, if you make implementing online payment facility fast

  8. Nesi, Thanks for your enquiry.

    Our online payment facility has started. We have a fully functional online payment facility now. We operate it through Federal Bank and Dhanlaxmi Bank. You can transfer amount to our accounts in any of these banks from your own bank account.

    To do that, you need to obtain your unique 18-digit ID from our branch. Each of your chitty accounts will have a unique ID. Once you obtain the ID, you can transfer funds through RTGS/NEFT by giving the unique ID as reference.

    We welcome you all to make use of this facility and join more chitties.


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