Monday, August 18, 2014

KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty 2014 starts today

With great pleasure, we are announcing the launching of KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty Scheme 2014. The previous Bhagyavarsha chitty schemes showered gold; but this scheme showers cars. The first prize is a Honda City car and the second prize is  Hyunddai i10 car. The third prize is gold - 1 gram gold coins.

The brand new KSFE Bhagyavarsha Chitty scheme starts today. It will conclude on October 31. All the chitties started in this period, starting from Rs. 1000 per month , will come under this scheme.

The following are the salient features of KSFE Bhagyavarsha scheme:

  • First prize: Honda City car (or Rs. 10 lacs) for one person (will be selected through a state-wide draw).

  • Second prize: Hyundai i10 car (or Rs. 5 lacs) for seven person - one for each region of KSFE (will be selected through a state-wide draw).
  • Third prize: One gram gold coins for one subscriber in each Bhagyavarsha chitty (will be selected through a draw at the branch where the chitty starts on the date of commencement of chitty).
Other benefits include special loan package for non-prized subscribers and insurance waiver scheme. for prized subscribers.

We are starting the following Bhagyavarsha chitties:

Rs. 50000 x 30 months - Rs. 15 lacs
Rs. 10000 x 100 months - Rs. 10 lacs
Rs. 10000 x 30 months - Rs. 3 lacs
Rs. 5000 x 40 months - Rs. 2 lacs 
Rs. 2500 x 40 months - Rs. 1 lacs
Rs. 1000 x 50 months - Rs. 50000.

We expect the whole hearted  co-operation of you all.

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